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Gardevoir Gardevoir

Rated 4 / 5 stars

In my opinion it seems you need to study more dynamic poses.
I see alot of the same elements in your work.
They all seem to have the same proportions as well.
It almost seems like your useing a base. Which im sure your not.

But in gerneral your work is good... you rarely seem to deviate from this kind of pose much.

Some figure drawing exercises could do you some good.
Best of luck to you!

DreamEclipseWolf responds:

thank you for the review.
And yeah i understand. Gotta try some new stuff instead of the typical pinups i've been doing.
looks very similar and I'm trying to get out of it.

Coco Bandicoot Coco Bandicoot

Rated 3 / 5 stars

overall the biggest thing you need to work on is your anatomy.
if your going to be doing erotic art you need to be able to emulate the human body almost to perfection.

it seems you are trying to draw from your mind when you should be using reference..... you should always be using reference... it isnt cheating.... its how you learn to draw... at some point you will be able to draw from imagination and have it be good.. but not now.

side note, you need to draw realistically while your learning. stylized by the very nature of the word is derivative of something... it has to be based in realism... you can still do these stylized things for fun... but you need to study in realism if you ever want to improve... you will see a huge improvement in your art just from studying this.

id recommend following this series of videos on you tube by proko.

your second problem is in your gesture...

this video series by the same person will help you.

ive done both of these and and have seen a significant improvement in my anatomical and gesture understanding.

best of luck to you! ill be checking in on you in the future.

titsNasses responds:

Appreciate the feedback, it's nice to see actual constructive criticism for once. I'll definitely check out the videos you linked, thanks again.