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Never game for 3 whole days ( warframe raging bunny? ) Never game for 3 whole days ( warframe raging bunny? )

Rated 2 / 5 stars

not your best work honestly.

foreground main ground and back ground elements are poorly defined. making the image very hard to read.
for example, an easy way to help the readability of an image like this would be to add contrast between the foreground and background..
keeping this in mind.
i would recommend that since this is a scene where someone is gaming i would make the layers closest to the viewer such as the hands holding the controler be lighter.
(due to the light coming from the tv).
and as each layer recedes to that back wall make them darker
(almost never go full black.)

Best of luck! :)

ProjectNetoku responds:

dude it was a scrap draw in like ten minutes XD
what are you expecting heheh

Lava lamp Lava lamp

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Honestly a bit more work could have gone into the lava lamp.
it also doesn't seem to adhere to perspective even in a fish eye lens.

but all and all i like the concept.
i think if you keep refining it, it could be a nice piece to hang on a wall.

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Katia Dungeon Katia Dungeon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

you seem to be improving at a nice rate. your trying out alot of different things in your pieces expending your skill set.

some thing i think you could work on would be your standard gesture sketches to help with your posing and proportions. just do like 10 of them in your sketch book everyday.
a good site i like to use is " "
its just a site that gives you a random figure to sketch from.
you can choose male female and dynamic models.

and perspective. which will probably come to you by just doing more pictures with character interacting with the environments.

Best of luck man!
Look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

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mesorocks responds:

Thank you so much! That site is gunna help out a lot, many thanks man!

Cute Ankha Cute Ankha

Rated 4 / 5 stars

So adorable!

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A day with Kirle and Kirla A day with Kirle and Kirla

Rated 1 / 5 stars

well it seems pretty common for your work to get 2-3 stars or so.
not sure if your just trolling or something because it seems hat based on several aspects of your work its almost like your a skilled artist drawing with a handicap intentionally.
in other words its like your drawing with a mouse rather then a tablet.
you seem to have a slight idea of anatomy perspective proportions yada yada... just doesn't look like your trying.

assuming your not trolling and are wanting to improve.
i feel this is due to the fact that the way you draw simply isnt appealing.
this is not to say a gross style cant be appealing like ren and stimpy. but its a lot harder to get gross things appealing.

i know you state " a parody doesn't respect the characteristics of the original character/s it/they is/are based on "

and im afraid i simply have to disagree here.
a GOOD parody should be Abel to take the characteristics of the original and use them as a commentary on the source. not just throw them out the window because who cares its a parody..

this is not to say you cant parody how ever you want but it honestly just seems like that line was only there to try and prevent anyone from complaining that it only resembles the source at a passing glance.

but i encourage you to keep at it!
keep cracking that whip till you find you knish.

Lenbasisky responds:

Let's talk about your considerations. Speaking of the anatomy, i can't say to be perfect but at the same i'm not so atrocious as you say. Yes, i fucked up the back and the arms of both the characters, but take in consideration that this is an old drawing and with all respect, if you want to come here to tell me how to draw the anatomy, at least i would pretend to see a such critique on one of my recent drawings. Because, with the time, i learned to resolve some mistakes like this one and if you take a look to my other drawings, you won't find such error. And let's be franc with your "critique" about the anatomy. If you want to do a critique, you have to do a critique which puts in evidence the errors of the drawings, so in this way, the artist would be able to correct these ones and improve himself/herself. Something that you didn't do here because you were too general. As i said previously, i'm not consider myself a master of the anatomy, but my knowledge about it is enough to permit me to understand what i fucked mainly in the drawings, but if i was an artist who is trying to do some practise, your critique would be completly useless, because it wouldn't help me to improve myself. So next time you do a such critique, be sure to have in mind such advices.
Speaking of the parody, i don't say to disagree with you about the fact the parody might be satirical, but a parody doesn't have to criticize something to be considered parody. The parodies to be considered such, have to make fun of something with or without morals and critiques behind it. Some perfect examples are the Scary Movies and all their clones as Epic Movie, where the characters, who are a parody of other character, exists with the only reason to make stupid and funny the movie. And i'm doing the same thing with all my art, but with the only difference, that instead to create a parodizied content with the purpose to be funny i create instead a parodizied content with the purpose to be sexy and provocative. So if you don't like my parodies because they don't respect your standards it's ok and i'm not going to convince you of the contrary, but do more researches next time before to say something that it's true only in part as say that a parody must be satirical to be considered a parody. And if exists that disclaimer about the parody, it's to explain to who is looking at the drawing that the character in this one isn't that one who is based on. For example, Kirle and Kirla even if they have in common some characteristics with Kirlia, it should be wrong to consider them the same character, because the first two have the body and the habits of a human. All characteristics that Kirlia doesn't have.
At last, let's speak about your critique in general. You accused me to be a troll just because: this drawing has some errors that i didnt notice at the time; it looks like shit for you cause you think that it was drawn with a mouse; and cause this drawing as the other ones as only 2-3 stars.
With all the respect, if there is a troll here it's only you. This "critique" you wrote not only is too general and full of half disinformations, but with this one you weren't even trying to help me out to improve myself, but just to say that my drawing was shit and to complain facts related to the parody with also a rude behavior. And don't tell me that something like keep cracking that whip till you find you knish" has to help me out as motivator, because it's just an immature bullshit and we know it both. I wouldn't surprise if something like your comment could be made just to annoy me. This isn't the first time I saw trolls writing stuff like this one just to annoy the artists (especially that ones who draws porn). And the words of a trolls dont deserve any consideration and respect. And let me tell this. If you are troll, you should ashamed of yourself and learn to be mature instead to do bullshits like this one.
But as artist, if you didn't have the the intention to troll, let me say something to you very important.
Even if you're right about the anatomy or you think to know enough to destroy what i wrote about the concept of parody, that doesn't justify the fact to be rude in a critique as you did. That's just unprofessional and immature and a serious critique doesn't have to be characterized by such elements. And as i said, be sure to do some researches before to complain something. It will help you to avoid situations like this one. All what i had to say, i said it. Troll or not, you have to learn to be mature and professional. That's all. But in any case, i thank you to bring my attention to the mistakes of this drawing. I will be sure to resolve when i will have some free time.

Zuvante Zuvante

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

not sure if that is a normal map texture or actual sculpted clusters of fur on his skin but it really sells it as fur a lot better then your previous works did.
its not too excessive clustering the design nor is it so sparce its unnoticeable.
i feel you found a happy medium for the fur.

though i still feel your sculpted hair looks a little cheap.
and there seems to be some weird forms near the corner of his mouth...
but i dont know.
lastly his eyes look lifeless. a simple glare over his iris is likely to fix this.

overall great job!

Schnonyx Schnonyx

Rated 4 / 5 stars

ok, but why though?


nicely done btw.

Aurora Aurora

Rated 4 / 5 stars


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viqqah responds:


smexi smex :) smexi smex :)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

you seem to have a decent understanding of how anatomy, proportions and perspective work.
your colors are a little flat and un interesting.
you probably just need more mileage with all these principles.
id recommend when you arent doing original work you study by replicating photos.
Best of luck to you!

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GreenSoap responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I agree ^^

Why so Grim? Why so Grim?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love it! very nicely done!

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