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Hello! i make lewd animated parodies.
if ya have a question request or what ever. my Discord is 'CumminHam#3193'

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Why not put them on sfmlab? I know it's called sfm, but the also take regular blender models. not sure how their moderation works, but they do allow AO content.

Well it was my understanding that smutbase is an offshoot of sfm lab. Or at least related. And as such i assumed that smutbase was where they throw there non sfm models.
Granted i didn't look to far into it.
But ill look further into it when i get a chance.

glad to hear you are now officially putting your lovely models there!

also, as for sfmbase and smutbase, there's not really much diffrence between the two tbh.

I love your models so much. They look way better than the official company made models. They are one of a kind brand. :)

Its really amazing you're making these models available, thanks an absolute ton!

Can I just offhandedly mention just how intuitive your icon looks? It can be a ham leg with an unimpressed face, or a head sucking on a bone. That's brilliant!

Yeah that is pretty neat xP

Well ....


You're models are missing from Smut base

ive only released 3 so far. still gotta get around to cleaning up the rest. and at this point might as well update them to 2.8

@Hentaicore @CumminHam so did you manually take them down because I went there to look for Lupunny model only to see she's gone couldn't even find her when or Gardivore when I joined your Patreon account

There still on smutbase. But they hide all furry submissions now. So ya have to log in and tick a box to show em.

These models are cool and good. Amazing duper awesome!!! thancc.

yess. finally, better and tidied place.

@Hentaicore @CumminHam @CumminHam HAH! I thought you missed something. Now I logged in again, Setting, setting tab, show furry, save. Oh something different. The furry models of yours now shows! Haah yess. relieved. cool and good.

Is there a chance to put any of these on Garry's Mod?

sure, you would need the help of a porter though.

is there or will there be a variant of the models that can be exported to unity from blender?
im not too deep into blender as of right now and im full of unity knowledge.

as far as i know. all models can be exported ti unity with alittle work.

but naturally as these are animation ready models. they weren't built for game engine use.
so they will need some retooling to work in unity.

@CumminHam ah, figured as much, thanks anyways, your animations are great!

Is there a SFM Version of th Loppuny Model?

Idk actually.

hey yo, where is my gal KINDRED at?