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More lopunny stuff. Whoop.

Needs to be longer bb~ <3 ;D

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Boo! Not a game!

Go back to commiefornia ya hippie!

Great model!

Id try to get more obvious animations though... if the animation is more obvious it may help add value to it for those who were expecting a game.

Jackallis3D responds:

hehe thanks :D !

the only thing i feel im qualified to comment on is the model quality and animation.

your Models Show a significant amount of technical knowledge... you seem to know how to do alot of technically difficult things from a modeling standpoint. but very low appeal from a design standpoint.... its rather odd actually, it appears to be an amalgamation of an anime style mixed with western.... but this is my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. appeal is very subjective.

Animation Wise there are a few odd decisions ... the most blatant of which being Why in Gods name does she have to swing her sword with her foot when there already in her hands?
it would be one thing if she was wearing boots with blades in them... but thats not the case... for this to work during mid kick she would have to pass the sword off to her foot all while retaining the force behind the swing.... which is kind of silly. and im not sure thats what you were going for.

Lastly your Models seem to just have flat colors with very simple shaders. in short they do not resemble the material they are suppose to very well... i know you are using a web player but when using such a limited medium you will have to find workarounds... always prioritizing the appeal. But useing a Normal/Specular map and adding abit more detail to the diffuse texture Would do wonders for these characters....

but anyway its alright as is. but could be so much better.

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She good!


i love her! so cute.

Hello! i make lewd animated parodies.
if ya have a question request or what ever. my Discord is 'CumminHam#3193'


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